Kitchen Cabinet Kit – Laminate

Kitchen Cabinet Kit – Laminate

From: 198.00 - 198.00

From: 198.00 - 198.00
Prices vary depending on colour selection and pack size. Deep colours are more expensive
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Kitchen Cabinet Kit

This kit has everything you need to revamp your kitchen cabinets! Each individual item has been hand picked by paint experts. Our kits are filled with the best paint products in the Irish market.

This Kit contains paint for re-painting your kitchen cabinets, but it also contains tools and sundries that you can use time and time again for future painting projects.

This kit includes:

1 x Kalustepesu

2 x Ceramic Blocks

1 x Proc Tac Cloth

1 x Deltec Gold Original Tape

1 x Otex Akva 3L White/Light/Deep

2 x Super Flex Slim Pads

1 x Helmi 30 3L White/Pastel/Deep Colour

1 x Zibra 2″ Chiseled Wedge Brush

1 x Two Fussy Blokes 3 Pack Smooth

2 x Multi-purpose Micro-fibre Rollers

1 x 4”-6” Roller Frame

1 x Plastic Tray

Start off by washing the cabinets using Tikkurila’s Kalustepesu cleaning spray. This product removes dirt, grease, oil, wax and other substances from the surface.
It is also a great product for pretreating the cabinets before painting to mattify the surface and create better adhesion.
Using the Axus Decor Ceramic Blocks sand the area to prepare for priming and help with adhesion also.
After sanding is done use the Pro Tac Cloth for lifting and removing the sanding dust from the surface. These Tac Cloths are treated with linseed oil and remove even
the smallest amount of dust and dirt. Also the Pro Tac Cloths are ideal to use between inter-coat sanding to achieve the most immaculate and smooth finish.
Once all the cleaning and sanding prep is done you are on to masking the area for painting. This hamper includes Deltec Gold Original Tape. This tape will help you
to achieve nice, sharp paint lines and avoiding any paint bleed. It will not leave any residue behind when removed.
For priming the surface use our Otex Akva Adhesion primer. This is a water-based, super adhesion primer that will stick to tricky, glossy surfaces where adhesion is a problem!
This Hamper also includes 2 x Multi-purpose rollers and 1 x Two Fussy Blokes Smooth 3 Pack Rollers which can be used to apply the primer.
Our Axus Decor Roller Frame will work for both rollers.
Use our Eco Ezee tray for paint application.This tray is made from 100% recycled waste materials and can be reused again! Just wipe out any excess paint and allow to dry
and use again! It’s a fantastic alternative to a plastic tray.
Helmi 30 (Satin Finish) is one of the few paints in the Irish market that can be recommended for painting your kitchen cabinets yourself and achieving a flawless spray-like finish. Available in White or we can tint to any Pastel/Deep colour just pick your topcoat shade from our colour drop down box.


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