Alchemist Peel & Stick Samples

Alchemist - Peel & Stick Samples

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Alchemist - Peel & Stick Samples

Create the perfect atmosphere

This paint collection has been created to help you choose colours that will not only enhance the look of the spaces you paint but will also enhance how you feel when you spend time in the space. 

How do you want to feel?

The design of a space should enhance your well being and colour has a big part to play in how a space makes you feel. We're all familiar with creating mood boards for a room or scheme for our homes, but how about creating a moodboard for how you want that room to make you feel? What images would you collect to capture the atmosphere you are trying to evoke?

We've created an easy to follow system to help you pick colours based on how you want your space to feel. 

Serenity: Relaxing shades to create instant calm. 

Whether it's a bedroom or living space, we've chosen the perfect shades to help you tuen any room into a calm and restful space.

Vitality:Energising shades to lift the spirits:

Choose from a selection of beautiful uplifting shades to help you feel energised, happy and positive.

Clarity - Beautiful hues to promote focus and creativity:

Our carefully curated shades will help promote productivity, focus and creativity. 


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Surface TypeWalls & Ceilings
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