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Zero-VOC Eco Paint
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How much paint do I need?

The volume of paint required for a job is a simple calculation. Just divide the square metre measurement (m2) of the area to be painted by the spread rate of the paint you’re applying (m2/l).

If you’re applying two coats, double the area. If you’re working out volumes for a primer, one coat is usually sufficient.

You can use this coverage calculator to work out your volumes.

Do you know the type of the surface?
Do you know the size of the area? (m2)
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Forma Free

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Improve the quality of the air in your home by painting with Formafree, one of Europe’s most advanced and functional paint products.

This is a high-quality water-based paint for interior ceilings and walls. Formafree has the highest possible rating (A+) for indoor air emissions. Not only is it a zero VOC paint but it also actively improves the air quality in the room by counteracting Formaldehyde in the air (constantly). This is a highly functional coating and remains effective for several years. It develops an active substrate that can eliminate (and neutralise) the formaldehyde that is present in the air.

Tested by leading European laboratory ‘Eurofins’, who specialize in indoor air quality, this product is classified as being in the A+ category for indoor air emissions, the highest category for paints.

  • Protecting your home from toxic pollutants like Formaldehyde
  • High quality completely odourless paint
  • Easy to apply: great coverage and spreads excellently
  • A+ indoor air quality rating: 0 grams VOC per litre, lessening the risk of inhalation toxicity
  • Extreme covering power
  • Remarkable resistance to washing: Class 1
  • Ideal for use on all indoor walls
  • Available in 1L, 3L and 10L

Available in White and 10 pretty pastel shades – Ice, Powder Pink, Blue-Green, Sugar, Mushroom, Warm White, Verdant, Peach Pink, Honey White and Powder Blue.


More Information
Coverage per litre (m2/l)14
Surface TypeWalls & Ceilings
Waterbased or SolventbasedWater Based
Coverage13-15m²/l per coat
Single/Two PackSingle Pack
Gloss LevelFull Matt (0-5%)
Minimum ContentMinimum contents are the can size less 10%
Recoat TimeApprox. 6 hours
Touch Dry30-60 mins
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